Alexander Wilde

  • Entertainment Host and Guest Experience Assistant
  • York, UK
  • Mar 23, 2022
Full time Other

Personal Summary

As an historian, I enjoy frequent trips to museums and talks. These include the honour of listening to three different survivors of the Holocaust, which I have always found fascinating and deeply moving. I also enjoy writing academic articles and hope soon to be published soon. However, history is not my only interest, and I am a member of a political party as well a founding member of the Leeds University Dungeons and Dragons society. I was fortunate in this latter organisation to be of help to newer players of the game, as a ‘veterans’ system was set up to ask more experienced members for help. I am also a keen amateur magician, gamer, Norwegian Learner and writer. I first realised I enjoyed writing in secondary school, where I would often spend lunch breaks and occasionally time after school writing stories. This has grown into longer fiction writing, as well as being an opinion columnist for the Leeds University student newspaper.

Work Experience

Jul 2021 - Sep 2021 York Maze
  • Both positions I worked in are usually limited to professional acting contacts, and I was greatly surprised to be asked for an interview, having applied to work as regular field staff.
  • All others on my team were either hosts or actors, so I faced a unique challenge in my role as both whilst also interacting with both.
  • Interacting both as myself and as scripted characters with children of all ages, attempting to make the ride I worked on as immersive and fun as possible.
  • Balancing the presentational aspects of my role with ensuring customer safety and comfort during the ride.
  • I also informally leant a helping hand to the maze tractor team, spending my breaks directing queuing customers to where I think they would enjoy most, chatting to families and reassuring nervous children about the ride.
  • My role as host meant I had to be comfortable with standing for the entire day on the trailer ride, combined with energetic movement and the handling of a water canon. As an actor I was also on my feet for the majority of the time


History BA
Oct 2018 - Jul 2021 University of Leeds
History of Ideas MA
Oct 2021 - Sep 2022 Birkbeck, University of London