Hamish Henry Davison

  • SEO specialist
  • York
  • Oct 19, 2018
Full time Consultant Marketing

Personal Summary

My name is Hamish Davison. I come from Bridlington but caught the travel bug early on. After graduating I looked at my options and decided to TEFL in Spain. This was originally to learn Spanish. I met my now fiancee online while in Spain, and uprooted my life once more and moved to the Netherlands. Her plan was to do a masters for a year somewhere abroad, and so I needed to find work which I could take with me. This is how I found Upwork. I have been freelancing very successfully on Upwork for the last 2 years now. At first, I was just doing content writing, but I soon discovered Moz, and have since mastered how to create my own briefs, keywords lists, keyword strategies, content strategies, as well as implementing them. I could only stay in California, where my fiancee chose eventually, for 3 months at a time so now I find myself back at home, thirsting for some work to get my teeth stuck into. My plan is to move to York as soon as I have a position, which I have the funds for.

Work Experience

SEO analyst and specialist
Jan 2017 - Oct 2018 The Duber Club

I currently work for The Duber Club still, but this work can stop at any time. The Duber is a medical marijuana delivery service in Los Angeles and is currently sitting at almost 20,000 users a month from minimal investment from my client. If he could afford to invest in my full-time he would have already, however this is a few years away and I can't really wait any longer. I'm looking at starting a career in this sector. My role includes:

  • Finding keywords, keyword niches, and developing keyword strategies.
  • Creating content based on these strategies
  • Creating so much content that a lot of it ranks, even if a lot of it doesn't.
  • Outreach with other companies for linking, although this has been limited
  • Keeping up with progress, making changes etc., based on findings on Google Analytics


BA History
Sep 2012 - Jul 2015 University College London