Student Experience Manager

  • British Study Centres
  • York, UK
  • Apr 12, 2019
Full time Management

Job Description

British Study Centre York

The Student Experience Manager is responsible for the smooth operations of the York school, with a focus on academic quality & management and overall student experience.   Duties of the role include, but are not limited to, those listed below.


1. Student Experience

Responsibility for implementing the group-wide strategy in relation to student experience to ensure that our customers are at the forefront of everything that we do at BSC, specifically:

1.      Being a visible presence in the school, driving student engagement and fostering an environment that supports learning and cultural & social immersion, enabling our students to become a part of the community that they are studying in

2.      Being present on Monday morning to welcome students and on Friday to attend graduation

3.      Identifying opportunities to grow NPS within the School

4.      Following up on NPS feedback surveys within the agreed SLA’s. ensuring that corrective action is taken where necessary

5. Dealing with all escalated student welfare queries and problems quickly, discreetly and efficiently and to the satisfaction of all concerned

6.      Ensuring a robust social and activity programme is in place, providing a revenue stream to the school

7.      Actively participating in the group wide calendar of events, celebrating major annual public holidays in the locations of both BSC schools and our students 

8.     Ensuring the school fulfills its duty of care to students

9.      Organising the emergency phone rota between appropriate team members to ensure support is continually available out of hours

10.   Meeting Group Leaders on arrival to ensure all elements of the stay are in place as expected 

11.   Ensuring the appropriate organising of all ‘extras’ including social programme, bus passes, excursions, transfers etc.


2. Financial & Administrative Management 

Responsibility for ensuring day-to-day the smooth running and financial health of the school, specifically:

1.      Ensuring that all administration areas of the business run effectively and efficiently

2.      Responsibility for the effective day-to day management of the school’s financial administration. This to include the maintenance of effective financial controls and records to ensure agreed budgets are adhered to, as well as ensuring that all payroll administration is correctly handled

3. Maintaining an up to date and accurate knowledge of school rules and policies, British Council guidelines and relevant welfare issues to ensure colleagues and students are given correct information at all times

4.      Responsibility for liaising with central accommodation team to ensure that the provision of student accommodation is of a high standard and in sufficient quantity to meet growing demand. 

5.      Managing all cash transactions in compliance with BSC group standards as directed by the Finance Team 

6.      Managing the café or any F&B provisions to ensure they are revenue generating

7.      Attending quarterly reviews to review the commercial position of the school

8.      Responsibility for actively monitoring student numbers and activity at the school and ensuring all space is effectively optimised

9.      Liaising with Finance Team regarding students’ accounts and any other financial matters. 

10.   Ordering stock, stationery & other school supplies as necessary, within the delegated authority levels

11.   Responsibility for overall management of the efficient administration of course bookings and student records

3. Academic Management

Overall responsibility for the effective academic management of the school in close liaison and partnership with the Director of Studies, specifically:

1.      Supporting the recruitment process of academic team 

2.      Responsibility for preparing and achieving success at regulatory, accreditation inspections. 

4. Marketing & External Communications

Responsibility for ensuring that the school operates effectively as a member of the British Study Centres group, taking maximum advantage of the market opportunities and development potential available, specifically:

1.      Dealing with or redirecting as appropriate all enquiries received, within the agreed BSC SLA’s, so as to promote the school and generate business.  

2.      Responsibility for ensuring the provision of a high level of support to the British Study Centres central marketing department in order to maximise student bookings. This will include hosting agent visits and liaising with agents, providing updates for the company web-site and newsletters, supporting the Groups team to issue quotations to prospective groups.

3.      Implementing local marketing activity, at the direction of Central Marketing, in order to maximise direct non-agent bookings from the local area.

4.      Ensuring the Welcome Hub areas are well presented and promotional material is displayed at all times.

5. Facilities & Resources Management

Local responsibility for management of the school’s facilities and resources within the limitations of agreed budgets, specifically:

1.      Responsibility for the ensuring good maintenance of the school’s premises and ensuring the learning environment is safe and secure.

2.      Responsibility for ensuring that student resources are appropriate, up to date and in good condition.

3.      Responsibility for ensuring that the school complies with all legal requirements deemed necessary by the appropriate regulatory bodies.

6. Student Accommodation & Welfare Services

Local responsibility for the effective management of the school’s student accommodation and welfare service, specifically:

1.      Act as the primary named person for dealing students’ personal problems

2.      Responsibility for local management of the school’s student accommodation activity so as to achieve smooth running and optimum financial performance

3.      Responsibility for overall management of all school team so as to effectively monitor and optimise individual student welfare. 

7. Team Management

Local responsibility for the management of the School team, specifically;

1.      Responsibility for effective recruitment and induction procedures of all Student Services team to comply with legal and regulatory body requirements

2.      Fostering a positive working environment and professional development for all team through training job chats, appraisals and training

3.      Ensuring that all team members have an annual performance review and ongoing PDP’s

4.      Liaise with other departments of the company and any legal support available when dealing with grievances and disciplinary procedures.

5.      Holding regular Team Meetings

8. Safeguarding 

To act as the Deputy to the Designated Safeguarding Officer.

The role of the Designated Safeguarding Officer is:

1.      Receiving information about events that are planned in British Study Centres that may involve young people or vulnerable adults, and plans that indicate how safeguarding will be covered

2.      Receiving information from any colleagues, volunteers, children, parents or carers who have child safeguarding concerns and record it

3.      Assessing the information promptly and carefully, clarifying and obtaining more information about the matter as appropriate

4.      Consulting initially with a statutory child safeguarding agency to test out any doubts or uncertainty 

5.      Making a formal referral to a statutory child safeguarding agency or the police

6.      Recording statements from any team member who feels that a young person has indulged in inappropriate behaviour or made sexually suggestive comments or approaches 

7.      Maintaining appropriate records of any welfare issues and passing on information to relevant parties (e.g. agents) 

8.      Recording statements from any member of the team who feels that a young person has indulged in inappropriate behaviour or made sexually suggestive comments or approaches

Required Experience & Skills

·        Previous experience managing a team of 20 + people in a stand-alone business unit ideally in the education, travel or hospitality sectors

·        Experience managing a budget

·        Experience in team recruitment and performance management

·        A strong track record of delivering results and running a successful operation

·        Flexible to meet the needs of the business and demonstrate a passion for your customers and team 

·        An understanding of duty of care and health & safety responsibilities

Job Skills

This role requires the candidate to have previous School, Centre or Campus Management experience.

1. Flexibility

§  Ability to respond to last minute changes

§  Willingness to take on new challenges, possibly outside own ‘comfort zone’

§  Able to ‘think on own feet’ and to manage the unexpected

§  Understands that the needs of the school may require flexible, mutually understood approaches to work

2. Customer Focus

§  Responds to customer requests promptly

§  Treats all customers with respect

§  Does not assume the needs of customers

§  Is able to see things from customers’ points of view

§  Checks with customers to ensure satisfaction

§  Knows how to manage customer expectations and inform customer clearly on this

§  Actively seeks and acts on feedback from customers

3. Analytical & Problem Solving

§  Is disciplined and organised

§  Able to deal with large amounts of data and make sense of it

§  Has a measured and organised approach to solving problems

§  Breaks down large amounts of work into smaller, manageable parts

§  Is quick and effective at processing information

4. Working with Others

§  Understands and works on team success for the whole team 

§  Understands own role and expectations of their role in their own team and the wider school team

§  Has a strong awareness of how team dynamics work

§  Treats the concerns of other departments as important

§  Co-operates to meet team goals even at expense of personal preferences

5. Leadership

§  Is able to motivate and get the best out of all team members

§  Is supportive of all team members

§  Treats team consistently and even-handedly

§  Has the ability to say ‘no’ to team when necessary

§  Is willing to take risks, to innovate, to try out new ideas

§  Can lead by example

§  Sees the bigger picture, doesn’t get too stuck on minor day to day issues

6. Strategic Planning

§  Defines long term goals for business growth

§  Ability to align day-to-day work with longer term strategy

§  Can explain strategic benefits of decisions to team

§  Is able to take calculated risks in order to deliver positive long term business outcomes.

§  Understands the importance of making decisions on a departmental and operational level, even if unpopular in the short term, for the benefit of long term business.