Brief for PR & Comms Creative Industries Visibility Work

  • Make It York Limited
  • York, UK
  • Jan 09, 2019
Contractor Consultant

Job Description


Campaign title: Consultant to suggest

Timescale: To run on and offline from Feb 2019-Jan 2020.

Background: Science City York (SCY) has launched the Creative Industries strategy 2019-2024, and as part of this work lack of visibility both locally and nationally/internationally has been identified as a real barrier to growth. 

Strategy: With this in mind SCY have embarked on a piece of work to alleviate this.  The work will consist of a collaboration between a local film maker and a PR and Comms consultant to work together to showcase 12 businesses in the city over the coming year. Content should include newsworthy activities e.g. cutting edge innovation, awards, new products and services etc.  Businesses will be identified by SCY through a crowdsourcing approach.  Once a suitable business is identified, the will be the responsibility of the PR and Comms person and film person to produce film footage and a good news story to distribute through industry recognised channels. Each business will have their content produced over the month and once signed off, will be distributed to the appropriate industry recognised channels locally, nationally and internationally as well as on the SCY website and YouTube channel..  Measures will need to be put in place to understand any increase in sales, clients, visibility from the businesses and these are measures the PR and Comms consultant will need to help identify.

Messages:  The overall message we are trying to achieve is that York is a hotbed of innovation and high quality creativity as well as being a beautiful heritage rich city.  Businesses prosper here and it is a great place to bring your business, to do business and to get good clients. York is inspiring, culturally rich and a great place to develop ideas. York is a great place to have your head office and bring clients to. There is a wealth of young talent to grow your business.

We would like to communicate the traditional York messages – iconic beautiful city – but with a high tech innovation twist demonstrating the city’s vibrancy and strong creative industries sector.

Target audience: There are a few diverse audiences we need to target:  (i) creative businesses in London and other larger creative cities i.e. Manchester, Liverpool. (ii) People who have worked in larger cities and now want to start a creative business in a place which is family friendly. (iii) Students so they know the businesses exist before they move away after graduation. (iv) National policy makers such as NESTA, Cabinet Office, AHRC, Innovate UK so they are aware of our vibrant creative sector and finally (v) customers/clients who might be interested in using the services of our local creative businesses.



We need an innovative theme and title for the campaign.

Design/creative / advertising concept

For this campaign we want the most simple eye catching and impactful advertising concept using the film footage and stills to send a clear core messages.  We have a separate budget for the film footage and stills in addition to this brief and the successful agency can influence the film maker commissioned to support the campaign theme



We will also use the content on our SCY website (which we intend to overhaul in the next month) and so all final content needs to be shared with Scy each month.

We will need you to supply files of your stories and images, so that we can post to our website. 

Social media

Social media activity is managed and delivered in-house. We are looking for the on-line elements to be translated onto our social media platforms.

E-Newsletter Graphic

E-newsletters are sent monthly to Science City York’s database of approximately 1,000 creative and digital businesses.  Our e-newsletters are developed and sent out in-house. We will require the content in advance of the newsletter going out at the end of each month.  


We will look to feature in the nationals and industry related publications and would like to see an example full page features


Please suggest any additional ideas that you feel are best suited to make this campaign the best yet.

Key campaign KPIs:

We need to show an ROI to create a more sustainable model beyond the first year, and this will be used to introduce a paid for service if appropriate going forwards beyond the end of 2019.

We need to prove an increase in creative industries contracts and sales, an increase in inward investment and increased web traffic and social media noise.

Budget: £10,000 + VAT to include creative concept and content for all campaign elements working with our film maker and distribution to a wide range of outlets in print and online.   Project management will include liaison with the team at Science City York, and with Vidaveo (the film company we have contracted to do the film work.)

Timescale for submission and appointment:

1          Brief issued                                          10/01/19

2          Proposals submitted                          21/01/19

3          Pitches                                                 29/01/19

4          Appointment made                            31/01/19

6          Campaign launch                               Feb 2019

Send your Proposal to:


Heather Niven, Science City York, 1 Museum Street, York YO1 7DT

Submission deadline is 17.00 on Monday 21 January 2019

Pitches will be held at Make It York on Tuesday 29 January 2019

Please note we would not expect you to cover all executions of the message and title at the pitch, we just need you to demonstrate your ability to carry out the work

The Creative Industries Strategy can be found here: