Make It York Limited

Make It York is York’s Destination Management Organisation and has a mission to grow the city’s economic prosperity and wider well-being. Included in its remit are the following corporate priorities: network-building and inward investment; city positioning and profile-raising; marketing the city and its surroundings - nationally and internationally - as an attractive and vibrant place to live, visit, study, work and do business; and driving forward York’s Cultural Strategy. 

Visit York is a part of Make It York and is the leisure tourism brand.  Under the Visit York brand, the aim is to market the city and its environs as a must-see world-class destination to the leisure visitor and to ensure investment in order to continue to develop the quality of tourism in York.

York has nearly 7 million visitors a year.  Tourism is a massively important sector for York that is worth over £564m to the local economy and which sustains more than 19,000 jobs.