Beyond 2030 Ltd

Quantum Vantage is a provider of economic and social research and expert advice around diversity and inclusion.  Helping individuals to create, positive, transformational change in their business and life. 

Beyond 2030 Ltd are leading researchers specialising in Economic Impact and Business Transformation, Diversity and Inclusion. Founded on over 28 years of robust Economic, Social and Small Business Research we offer expert advice and deliver transformational research, business development and leadership programmes for forward thinking organisations wanting to make a significant impact and step change to the way they think about and develop human potential.

 We are thought leaders in:

•             Social Inclusion and Mobility

•             Diversity and Difference

•             Women in the Economy

•             Economic Strategy

•             Small Business Development

•             Future Trends

•             Leadership and Emotional Intelligence

Our team have extensive experience of delivering transformational change programmes for a range of beneficiaries, these include:-

1 - Individuals, Women  who are employed, self emplolyed, unemployed and economically inactive.

2 - Government and Public sector organisations development.

3 - Public and third sector organisations 

4- Business Support Organisations