Roots York

It’s the next chapter for Tommy Banks and the team behind The Black Swan Oldstead. A sharing plate restaurant embracing the Banks family’s farming ethos and the techniques of The Black Swan. Made in Oldstead and brought to the city, from the tables to the food adorning them, Roots York is an expression of the people behind it.

Redefining the traditional four seasons, Tommy has created three growing groups inspired by Oldstead’s ingredients: ‘The Hunger Gap’, ‘Time of Abundance’ and ‘The Preserving Season’. These groups will dictate the menu at Roots. Each one bringing a new menu.

Roots York York, UK
Feb 25, 2019
Full time
A stunning new sharing-plate restaurant... that brings Tommy Banks’ Roots right into the heart of the city. Tommy and his team work around three seasons; The Preservation Season, The Hunger Gap and The Time of Abundance. With these, the dishes change as the availability of ingredients come and go. Apply to be part of the Roots York Team. A group of people that are dedicated to showcasing the individual food and style that Tommy Banks and his team have created in a friendly, fun yet professional atmosphere. An interest in food and drink is essential, along with some experience too! But training will be provided.